2019 Graduates | Student Success Coaching


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Nguyen L.

As an international student from Vietnam, Nguyen saw himself as shy and introverted. During his time at Arizona State University, he sought the mentorship from LSA. For the next 18 months, Nguyen took every opportunity available to improve on his soft skills and sought advice on how to create a Life Plan.

Thanks to LSA’s Success Coaches, Nguyen was able to learn how to network and make lasting connections wherever he goes. Since participating in Success Coaching, Nguyen now volunteers his time to help young students find a love for people and how to get involved in their community.

  • Won 17 Leadership awards, $15K+ in scholarships, $20K+ in grants
  • Mentor to the top 20 Southeast Asia college students
  • Interned for 6 different companies in the U.S. and Vietnam

Andrew B.

From a young age, Andrew showed great charisma and a capability to lead. In high school, Andrew came to the conclusion that he wanted to be a top financial analyst; to work in Wall street or a busy city. Graphs, charts, politics, and current events came easy to him and he enjoyed helping those around him understand how “money made the world go round.”

Andrew was accepted to the  W.P. Carey School of Business and from Barrett, the Honors College, where he majored in Finance. He excelled in his classes, and was always seeking to improve. Close to the end of his degree, he met LSA members and Coaches that offered to help align him with a company he could add value in.

Upon learning the simple LSA curriculum, Andrew realized his strength was in his people skills and capability to plan ahead, not so much in technical information. An LSA coach connected Andrew with an internship in the facilities department of a large tech company; for the first time, Andrew did not struggle to find his place and truly enjoyed every work day.

Despite not having any technical expertise in facilities or project management, Andrew moved into the role and quickly began producing value.

He helped compose and develop the framework for ranking proposals and planning out large projects. Thanks to his LSA Coaches, Andrew learned to utilize his business expertise from his undergraduate studies and use it to his advantage.

Two years after joining LSA, Andrew graduated with his Master’s in Management with a focus in construction. LSA helped him build a network to secure an internship  with ON Semiconductor. Now, Andrew works full-time as Project Engineer for Hensel Phelps in California.


  • Regent High Honors award (full tuition paid for at ASU)
  • Saved so much money on managing a re-roofing project that allowed the company to re-roof a whole other building
  • Managed $1M+ in capital projects as an intern
  • First project in new job: construction of $200M Neuroscience Research Center

Jayne K.

Fanjun (Jayne) Kong was an international student from China when she met the LSA Success Coaches. Although she was very different from the coaches available at the time, Jayne realized LSA provided her a good environment to improve and be herself. Jayne realized the reason she was having a hard time finding an internship and ways to advance her career were:

  • English as a second language
  • Little to no practice in professional settings
  • No experience networking and connecting with people

LSA Coaches gave Jayne an opportunity to intern with LSA and practice working in a professional setting. The only requirement LSA Coaches gave her was to figure out what she enjoyed doing.

Jayne took every opportunity she could to interact with every LSA member. Jayne took the time to get to know each of them and practice building relationships with everyone. She consistently volunteered and attended every LSA event available, always seeking to add value whichever way she could.

With the help of her LSA Coach, Jayne was able to figure out her strengths and how to showcase them in a way that was easy for everyone to see, especially during networking events and job interviews.

Jayne’s LSA Coach introduced her to a well-connected marketing professional in her industry, who helped her polish her interpersonal and interviewing skills.

After countless hours of practicing, role-playing, and speaking with her coaches and mentors, Jayne was able to achieve her dream and accepted a full-time job at Intel, doing what she loves.

  • Head manager of development at Intel corporation
  • Coordinated the release of every new Intel software tool for 12+ months
  • Mentored 15+ international students at Arizona State University land their dream job

Sundar S.

Despite being involved and having done well in his classes, Sundar found himself with zero job offers and no definite direction after graduation. Sundar came to LSA through an LSA alum and met with LSA coaches on what changes could be made so he could be successful.

With the help of LSA Success Coaching, Sundar realized that he needed to work on a basic sleep schedule and developing organizational skills. These simple goals created ripples through his daily efforts to find a job he enjoyed.

LSA Coaches suggested that Sundar spend time with people he enjoyed and could learn from. He chose to intern with LSA and took on a lead role in coordinating LSA’s Saturday workshops. This helped Sundar see the connection between the knowledge his Masters in Management had given him and an environment where he could gain experience being in a business organization.

4 months into Success Coaching, Sundar received a job offer as Project Engineer in a company he enjoyed. His transition to the job was easy and he attributes it 100% to his experience spending time with LSA coaches and intern opportunities. 

  • Coordinated 6 successful Family Leadership workshops with 9.8 out of 10 customer satisfaction
  • Developed an organizational culture cohesive with a new job he enjoys
  • Changed from school-centered lifestyle to an independent professional one