Student Leadership Programs

No-Influence Mentoring

The biggest issues children face today is meeting adult’s expectations. They’re stressed by school, standardized requirements and planning for their futures. Our unique approach is based on 28 years of research sourced from ASU and 40 years of family development. We teach children how to feel more accountable, set goals, and manage expectations. We follow three key principles:

Student Centered

Simplicity Structured

Action Focused

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Phase 1 – Leadership Courses

After completing our programs, 75% of students say they aren’t stressed anymore, 43% are more confident, 94% feel more in control over their lives, and 87% of parents notice significant postive improvements!

Summer Academy

A week-long leadership camp in Arizona

Online After School Academy 

A semester-long virtual program

Leadership Getaways

3-day getaway in Strawberry, AZ

Leadership cannot be taught in a classroom and it can’t be explain in a book. Becoming a good leader is about discovering who you are, what you love doing, and how to get where you want to go. We don’t teach students, we introduce them to correct principles that make learning easier, less stressful, and more fun.

Phase 2 – Success Coaching

When a student discovers what they want to learn, it becomes 10 times easier for them to learn faster. When students are personally invested in their education, it’s more enjoyable, easier, and long-lasting.

In one year, students will set their own goals, organize plans, and measure their progress. Through Success Coaching, students learn how to change and grow wherever they go. They build self-confidence to ask for help and utilize expertise from other mentors in their lives.

All of our students who complete Phase 2 are happier, less stressed, closer with their parents, closer with their friends, and know how to talk to their teachers to make school easier.

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Parent Feedback

“LSA programs emphasize on holistic development for kids, which includes academic success, career coaching, good values, healthy relationships , and good citizenship. It provides inspiration , direction, and purpose to lead a happy , successful and enriching life, and shows them how it can be done, using scientific and proven methods.”

-Kiran S. (Parent)

Phase 3 – Career Success

When students complete our programs, they are in our network for life! In phase 3, professional mentors meet with students monthly to help them optimize their long-term career goals. Students can continue participating in this program every year until they achieve their goals (college, profession, and beyond).

What can our mentors do for you?

Connect with Professionals

Explore Career Paths

Apply for Jobs & Colleges

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