Leadership Getaway

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Overnight Youth Camp

3 Days | $600 | Ages 13+

Hosted in Strawberry Arizona, the Leadership Getaway provides an opportunity to learn life-changing skills through outdoor adventure!

This 3-day/2-night camp gives teens outdoor experiences that will change the way they approach problems, manage stress, and set goals. While on the trip, youth will learn life skills like cooking, planning, socializing, and more!

Come see why 9 out of 10 parents say this program changed their kids’ lives!

SessionDatesOpen SeatsRegistration Link
Session AFebruary 17th – 19thCompleted
Session BMarch 9th – 11thCompleted
Session CMay 24th – 26thCompleted
Session DJune 15th – 17thCompleted
Session EAugust 31st – September 2ndPlenty of Room!SIGN UP!
Session FOctober 12th – 14thPlenty of Room!SIGN UP!

*If a Getaway Session becomes subject to change, complete refunds will be offered.

Student Eligibility

Our Leadership Getaways do not require students to submit applications, but before signing up, we encourage all parents to consider the nature of this camp and the maturity of their children. The underlying goal of this program is to teach students leadership, responsibility, accountability, and respect for others. As such, we maintain minimal rules and restrictions so students have the freedom to develop personal accountability. For this learning environment to work, we have a zero-tolerance policy for the following behaviors:

  • Bullying of any nature (mental or physical).
  • Violence, excessive roughhousing, or reckless behavior.
  • Law-breaking of any kind.
  • Intentional destruction of property.
  • Deliberating evading adult supervision (violating curfew or room restrictions).

If your children have a history of behavioral issues or you do not believe they can respect this learning environment, please contact us before signing up: Team@LeadAZ.org. If students violate our policy, they will be sent home immediately without refund, and parents will be responsible for any extra travel costs associated with transportation.

COVID-19 Policy

Student safety is a top priority. We do not permit any students to attend our getaways if they show symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have had recent exposure. We check for symptoms, track temperatures, and practice hygienic procedures to minimize risk.

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More Information

  • Price: $600 
  • Open to students age 12 – 17
  • 3 days / 2 nights

Program Schedule
  • Day 1: 9AM departure from ASU
  • Day 2: Full day in Strawberry, AZ
  • Day 3: 6PM return at ASU

All graduates will receive
  • Free admission to our lifelong leadership community

Camp Features

  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Fun Execursion [Past Excursions included Rappelling and Kayaking]

  • Hiking Trails & Nature Education
  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Self-Reliance & Cooking
  • Stargazing & Night Hike

*Activities for each sessions are customized for the attendees. All activities are subject to change.

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“[My son] smiles more, laughs, and is optimistic that everything will be fine; no matter what path he takes … a balance of learning, heart-to-hear, and engaging opportunities!”

Liz G. (Parent)

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What you’ll Learn

This program introduces students to our 7 Natural Laws of Success. These principles come from a business management model developed through 26 years of research and 2,000+ global projects valued at $6.6 billion!

Day 1
  • Natural Laws and success
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Defining problems
  • Self-awareness and balance
  • Understanding others

Day 2
  • Planning & coordination
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Improving relationships
  • Communication
  • Developing social skills

Day 3
  • High adventure activity
  • Utilizing expertise
  • Understanding team dynamics


Is there an age requirement for the summer program?

Yes. We can only accept students at least 12 years of age, and no older than 17.

What is the deadline to get into the Leader’s Retreat?

There are no deadlines for the retreat but seats are limited. When the limit is reached, registration will close. Students should try to sign up as soon as possible in order to secure a slot.

Do we have to drive our kids to the camp?

No, transportation will be provided to and from the cabin. Drop-off and pick-up will be in Tempe.

Is food provided?

Yes. Students will have the opportunity to learn cooking and prepare their own meals!

Is there any way to learn more about the program?

Yes, for any additional questions feel free to contact us at Team@leadaz.org.

Does my child have to attend the full program?

Yes! We provide transportation to-and-from the cabin. Any special accommodations must be discussed before signing up to ensure LSA can provide them.

Is there a down payment required to secure a program slot?

No, but it is important to email the program immediately at Team@leadaz.org, if you find out your student is unable to attend.

What is the cancellation process?

As a non-profit organization, we strive to provide services at cost. Because our summer programs are crucial to our sustainability, we have created a refund policy that provides us flexibility and guarantees fairness to students in our network.

If the camp is not fully booked, purchases may be canceled up to 30 days prior to the start of the program with an admin/transaction fee of $25.

If the camp is or becomes fully booked, refunds will only be offered if (1) a refund is requested more than 30 days prior to the start of the program and (2) LSA can fill the vacancy. There is an admin/transaction fee of $25.