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Our unique model is about recognizing patterns and form new behaviors to fundamentally change the way we learn. Discover how to apply industry-proven decision making techniques to everyday life. Click here to learn more.

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What is LSA?

LSA is comprised of researchers, educators, and consultants. Since 2013, we’ve been developing tools and processes to improve the delivery of educational services. We use an industry-proven professional development model to support students, parents, teachers, and professional organizations.

LSA’s leadership model is based on 28 years of business management research which commenced at US News’ Most Innovative University, Arizona State. This model has been developed through 2,000+ global projects valued at over $6.6 Billion. LSA has adjusted this model for teens, parents, and teachers. We have supported over 2,400 students since 2013.

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What Makes LSA Different?

Research-Driven Methods & Licensing

Instructors are PhD Certified Researchers

Curriculum Based on Industry Practices

A Unique Approach to Education

We teach using the No-Influence Method. This is the foundation of our student and parent mentoring programs. Here’s how it compares to other methods:

Traditional EducationNo-Influence Method
Focused on trying to change students.We can’t change students. We help them change on their own.
The teacher/leader is the most important.The student is the most important.
All students are taught the same curriculum.Lessons are tailored to students’ interests and needs.
The goal of education is memorization, certification, and earning degrees.The goal of education is stability, confidence, and learning to add value.
The teacher is the expert and source of information.The mentor is a mirror and a way for students to discover themselves.

The No-Influence Method has three key principles:

Individual Centered

The student is more important than the mentor Each coach tailors the program to the child’s needs and goals We work with them and their parents to help them make their lives more enjoyable

Simplicity Structured

Everything we teach is simple and can be taught in 10 minutes Each lesson is designed to minimize a student’s need to think in order to know what they must do to improve

Action Focused

In order to improve, we believe a child must take action Coaches work with students to help them set goals in the four cornerstones of life that are measured to identify impact

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Board of Directors

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Staff Bios

Clients & Partners

LSA’s leadership model is applied and recognized in various industries and thousands of clients. Listed below are only a few of our clients who use the Natural Laws of Success in their business, school and personal lives.

Contact us today if you interested becoming more successful in business and life.

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Clients & Partners

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