Student Success Coaching

A proven method to help teenagers succeed

Mentorship is the Best Way to Prepare Your Kids!

Teenagers are more stressed than ever before. They are overwhelmed with school, suffering from depression, and having difficulty planning for their futures in a chaotic world. Many are losing motivation or buckling under pressure.

Success Coaching is a way to help teenagers feel more confident about themselves. We help them create a happy lifestyle and we help parents feel less stressed about their children’s success! Our approach is based on 28 years of industry research and 40 years of family experience.

We have a way to help teens…

Conquer Stress

Get Motivated

Learn Faster

Find Success

What is the Impact?

96%Student Satisfaction

85%Report Positive Changes

42%Reduction in Stress

48%Increased Stability

What is Included?

  • A 10-month individual coaching program.
  • Lifetime membership into an elite global leadership community.
  • Weekly 30-minute video calls with a certified coach.
  • Assistance on all professional development needs (college applications, resumes, etc.).
  • 60-day trial period.
  • Access to leadership materials developed from ASU’s most licensed technology.
  • Exclusive invitation to privately held events for LSA success coaching students [4x per year].
  • Exclusive invitation to volunteer for summer internship opportunities for LSA.
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Parent Feedback

“LSA programs emphasize on holistic development for kids, which includes academic success, career coaching, good values, healthy relationships , and good citizenship. It provides inspiration , direction, and purpose to lead a happy , successful and enriching life, and shows them how it can be done, using scientific and proven methods.”

-Kiran S. (Parent)