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Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Coaching!

Today’s teenagers face unprecedented levels of stress. From academic pressures to navigating social media and personal challenges, they’re often overwhelmed and struggle to cope. With parents busy at work, students lack the guidance and support they desperately need. As they try to plan for their futures in a rapidly changing world, it’s crucial for parents to recognize and address these challenges, offering their teenagers the support and understanding they require to thrive.

Our Success Coaching is a way for students to get the help they need in order to have happy and successful lives. By fostering successful habits through goal setting and expert guidance, we unleash each student’s potential. Every student is matched with a highly qualified coach who provides comprehensive assistance in various aspects of life, aiding in problem-solving and future planning. Our approach draws on 30+ years of industry research and 40 years of family expertise, ensuring a proven path to success for your child.

We have a way to help teens with…





What is the Impact?

96%Student Satisfaction

85%Report Positive Changes

42%Reduction in Stress

48%Increased Stability

We’ve helped over 143 students find success and confidence!

How Does it Work?

Every applicant is interviewed to determine their level of commitment and interest in the program. We only accept students who are motivated to change, who want help, and need assistance in order to achieve their goals! Based on their interview, they are assigned a coach that would match their personality. The coach will meet with the student and parents to confirm that the match is a good fit! The student will register for the program and start coaching calls. All resources included in the program will be available upon completion of registration!

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The success coaching program has really provided my son with more self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, better time management, goal focus, decision making, and happiness. The professionalism of the coaches is outstanding, their work is complete, and with the best interest for the well-being of the boys/girls. They work not only with them but with the parents as well, giving parents the opportunity to work together, and be part of the growth of our children. I firmly believe that this program has been of great benefit to my son’s development. I am very satisfied with all that my son has accomplished this year, and the support that the success coaching program has given my son.

– Patricia M. (Parent)

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What is Included?

  • Time Period: 10-month individual coaching (August-May).
  • Frequency: Weekly video/phone calls with a certified coach.
  • Parent Calls: Progress calls with student’s parents as needed.
  • Events: Exclusive in-person events [4x per semester].
  • Internship: Exclusive summer internship opportunities for LSA (June-July).
  • Membership: Access to our Executive Leadership Club and lifetime membership into our elite leadership network of experts
  • Career Building: Assistance on all professional development needs (college applications, resumes, etc.).
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