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The Fall of Lobos

A novel about finding purpose when your world is falling apart

How do you find stability when your world is crumbling all around you?

The Fall of Lobos is about two wolves trying to find their place in a pack on the verge of extinction. The first wolf, Lazarus, is the runt of the litter. He endures endless bullying with no hope of becoming a strong hunter like his siblings. The other wolf, Moriah, is a high achiever who strives for perfection at all costs, even if it means neglecting others. Through a coming-of-age experience, these two wolves must discover their place in a pack grappling with death, disease, and the looming threat of their sworn enemies.

This book was written for soul-searching teenagers and young adults who struggle to find their value and purpose in life. We hope this book will become an invaluable resource to kickstart important conversations for readers, teachers, and parents everywhere!

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No-Influence Mentoring

Understanding teenagers and encouraging their success

This book will help you become a more effective mentor for the next generation of leaders. It’s written for adults who want to make a lasting impact in a teenager’s life. You will learn an industry-proven, classroom-tested, and family-centered strategy to help teens feel more motivated! The No-Influence method is based on three principles, it’s individual centered, simplicity structured, and action focused.

In this book, you learn how to:

  • Feel like a more confident parent, teacher, and mentor.
  • Encourage motivation and accountability in any child.
  • Simplify your home or classroom to minimize stress for
  • Set goals with your children that guide them to success without micromanaging.
  • Take actionable steps to becoming a better mentor every day!

Everything in this book is based off 28 years of leadership development research pioneered at Arizona State University (ASU). Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi, former ASU professor, has worked with over 1,500 college students and 2,000 high schoolers helping them to find direction and confidence.

Your teens don’t know how valuable and how amazing they can be. Are you ready to show them?

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In Search of Truth:

Five Stress-Free Steps to Discover Who You Are, Where You’re Going, and How to Get There.

Conquer your fears, reach your goals, and take control of your life!

Are you stressed about your future? Are you facing a difficult decision or major obstacle?

Whether you’re trying to make it through school, searching for your dream job, or you feel like you’ve reached a dead-end, it all boils down to one question:

What is truth?

In Search of Truth explains a simple method to finding reliable solutions to your toughest problems. This is not a self-help book about motivation or positive thinking, it is a tried and true method to recognizing accurate information. Understanding truth is knowing how to overcome personal and professional limitations to get the results you need.

Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi has spent the last 20 years working with business executives and large organizations all over the world. The logic in this book is based on over 2,000 successful projects and 2,500 life-changing experiences of high school and college students.

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How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything

How can anyone know “everything without knowing anything”? Based on the Informa­tion Measurement Theory (IMT) individuals can take simple information combined with deductive logic and increase their learning speed by five times. They can minimize the need to collect and analyze detailed information to understand the cause and effect of reality. They can use natural laws and logic to simplify their lives. They can find out who they are, why they are different and how they can enjoy a better life with less stress and worry. They will also be able to apply the same reasoning to quickly understand other people. With this increased understanding, an individual can release the stress and worry caused by “seemingly unpredictable” events happening around them by knowing that they alone control their life. They will be able to see into the future.

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The Information Measurement Theory Story

Learn the theory behind the technology that has been tested on 1800+ projects totaling over $6.4 Billion ($4.2B in construction projects and $2.2B in non-construction/professional service projects) with a 98% success rate since 1994.

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The Best Value Book Set

This book set includes the Information Measurement Theory Story and the How to Know Everything Vol. 3 Book. It is the essential books that is necessary for any professional to learn about the logic of the Best Value Approach and how apply it in business sector.

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