Executive Leadership Academy: 2019 Report


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Executive Leadership Academy: 2019 Report

A Partnership with MSS Business Transformation

The Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) is a 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization designed to help teenage students learn 10x faster, enjoy school, become better leaders, and minimize stress. Each year MSS hosts LSA’s premier summer Executive Leadership Academy at their management consulting headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, for a select number of students, which teaches them how to operate like an Executive Leader. They receive a crash course on a research-based and industry-tested leadership model from ASU (26 years and 2,000 projects) and receive a 25-hour Executive Leadership Certification upon graduation. This model teaches students how to identify issues, organize information, create plans, present solutions and network with professionals.

Each year LSA partners with a company for this program only, to provide students the opportunity to travel to their location and meet with its leaders, tour their facility and operations, and identify major issues it is facing they can provide solutions for. This year, LSA partnered with a local sporting arena to identify proposals to enhance attendee engagement through various new programs that would appeal to all ages.


The table below summarizes the key aspects of the program.


My child always receives so much from your programs. We truly feel blessed to have all of you in his life. Thank you for all your takeaways and gifts you share with him!”

(Parent 1)

“Simply put, your program is amazing! Thank you for caring so much about the success and wellbeing of all the students”

(Parent 2)

Special Thanks

To help make this program become possible, LSA could not do this without the support and partnership of MSS. LSA would like to publicly thank MSS for the donation of their facility. Every day, program participants stayed active and energized due to their generosity. More than just providing space and industry exposure opportunities, this donation showed our students that companies care about their future success.

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