Teacher Certification - Beta Testing*

A course for your salary advancement and re-certification needs. 100% at your convenience.

*Beta testing will grant a low-cost alternative while still complying with all rules and regulations required for certification. It will also grant personalized over-the-phone instruction and clarification, as needed.

Your own home. Your own pace.

  • 8 lessons.
  • Suggested pace.
  • No “time restrictions” or lesson blocks.

Simple & intuitive layout and completion plan.

  • No software required.
  • Easy to access content from device.
  • Learn to show your value & track your performance.

Affordable, Accessible, & Useful.

  • 40% lower cost than the average certification course.
  • Exclusive content library to teach any material at any level.
  • Tips & tricks on setting up your classroom for success.

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