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K12 Education is supposed to prepare a child to be successful at life. Looking at current college graduation, unemployment, economic prosperity, crime and health statistics, education has failed us.


K12 Education Impact

K12 education is important because it occurs in a child’s development phase. Once the child grows, studies have shown people do not change much. It is 10x more difficult to change the habits of an adult than a child.

Many people try to improve society through finding more resources, developing new technology, changing laws, etc. All of these things can improve society, but how much can you improve people who are not intelligent. What is the definition of intelligent: Someone who is stable, understands people, knows themselves, can use logic and common sense, and is responsible.

The key to really impacting society is to ensure the child is taught to be intelligent when they are young. Give a group of non-intelligent people all the resources and technology in the world and they will still have issues. Create a group of intelligent people and they will be successful no matter what they have.

The issue is that education has failed us. The majority of students  over think issues, are not accountable, think only of themselves, want something for nothing, and have core competencies like math and English, but do not know how to use them. This is the cause of our problems in today’s society.

Supplementary Education Curriculum


We have found a way to fix education. Because we realize it will take forever to change the current academic structure, we have created a supplementary education curriculum that can teach students to be more intelligent.

Yes, we employ the latest teaching methods, minimize lecturing students, and use all forms of media to help the students engage.

However, the unique part of our solution is that it changes the focus of education from teaching students technical skills and core competencies to teaching them how to learn. We have found if a child learns how to change and improve themselves in any area when they are young, it enables them to become a person that always improve themselves throughout their life. This is what we call intelligent.

What are the results?

  1. Students learn 10x quicker
  2. Increases the teaching capability of educators.
  3. Improves social behavior
  4. Decreases stress and worry of students.
  5. Increases a student’s awareness of who they are and what they will be successful at.
  6. Regardless of IQ level and leadership capability, enables students to add value to society.

The impact of creating intelligent students on society have been:

  1. Decrease criminal and delinquent behavior
  2. Decrease teen pregnancies, bullying, substance abuse, and domestic violence.
  3. Increase community service volunteers and efforts.
  4. Increase health and mental stability.

What do we need from you?


Due to the disruptive nature of our education the curriculum does not fall under a category where it can be funded by academic units. The government does not fund education to make people intelligent, it only funds education to teach technical skills, competencies, and trades.

This makes it almost impossible to setup supplemental programs to teach students the curriculum and most importantly does not support current teachers to learn the curriculum and teach it in their classes.

We are looking for funding to pilot the curriculum at a Title 1 school in Phoenix that has bought into the idea of teaching children to be intelligent. The funding will be used as follows:

  1. Setup the supplementary education curriculum at the Title 1 school.
  2. Run the education curriculum for the school for 1 year with educators already trained on the curriculum.
  3. Train a teacher to teach the curriculum.
  4. Measure the performance of the system.
  5. Create a teacher education program for the school.

If you would like to support the effort or help fund students to take this program, please contact us at jake.g@old.leadaz.org or go click on this link: http://old.leadaz.org/logic-and-leadership-academy/give-back/ .

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