’17 – ’18 Workshop Report


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A Change of Paradigm

The greatest challenges that students are facing today extend beyond the classroom. Students are stressed, depressed, and are failing to learn critical life skills. They have a difficult time seeing the big picture and simplifying it enough to help them. This affects their ability to figure out how to be successful and happy. After college, many of students are dissatisfied with their careers. Many end up in industries unrelated to their fields of study. More research comes over every day mentioning the importance of managing stress in regards to finances and personal stability.

Leadership Workshop Series

Seeing this need, LSA created monthly workshops during the semester. The aim was to help students step away from the stress of school and learn 1 simple skill to help them.

For the last 9 months, LSA held 9 workshops throughout the valley with over +200 participants. Students had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals as they visited their company for each workshop.

  • 97% workshop rating
  • 98% of attendees agreed that the information they learned was relevant
  • 96% of attendees agreed that the workshops helped them achieved their goals
  • 96% of attendees would recommend the workshops to their friends

If you were unable to attend the workshops, don’t worry! Your child can still learn about these and more valuable skills at our Summer Leadership Academy!

  • 8 sessions throughout the valley
  • 20 class hours (activities, games, leadership principles, and more!)
  • Designed to lower students’ stress and increase their ability to learn.
  • First Ever 2018 Summer Academy: Executive Leadership created for high-performing students and all of our amazing return students!

Hope to see you there!


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