Best Summer Activities for Teens in Arizona 


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Best Summer Activities for Teens in Arizona 

By Dr. Joseph Kashiwagi

Every parent wants their teen to have fun during the summer, but what fun summer activities are there to do in Arizona? Since I coach and work with teens, I have a good idea of where to begin! It is important to note that the amount of money that you spend doesn’t necessarily mean that your teen will have fun at a summer activity. The three most important factors that will determine whether a teen will have fun are: 

1. Interaction With Other Teens 

Interaction with other teens is the most important factor for them to have fun at a summer activity. Teens like being around each other and interacting in different ways. I know that this can be counter-intuitive in some ways because they spend so much time with friends at school all year, but at school, there is less interaction and more learning. Teenagers love making new friends that they can connect with online, through social media or video games. It makes them feel confident, special, and happy to have people that they can connect with. If an activity doesn’t have interaction with other teens, it is likely that it will not be very fun for your child.

Finding an activity that not only has teenagers together but interacting with each other can be difficult. I have seen a lot of camps in Arizona that are very boring because they only focus on teaching instead of having the teens interact with each other. Although we want our children to learn, they will not learn if they are bored and it will take a lot of effort to force them to go. Interaction with other teens makes the experience enjoyable and gives them a sense of belonging that can’t be replicated with a fun activity or exciting adventure. 

2. A Non-Threatening and Exciting Environment

The second most important factor is a non-threatening and exciting environment. Teens need to feel welcome and excited to be where they are going. I have seen so many programs that have instructors that don’t want to be there. This can really have an impact on how much fun someone has. No one wants to be stuck with people who have a bad attitude or are not excited about what they are doing. When students feel comfortable in a place, they can learn and enjoy themselves. If the environment is too strict, limited, critical, or scary, then your teen will hate being there. On top of this, each teen has their own comfort level. The activity you choose needs to be at the same level for your teen. Don’t sign them up for something that they are too scared to do. Make sure that they want to attend and that the environment is somewhere that they can thrive. 

3. The chance to learn helpful skills for their own life

The third most important factor for summer activities for teens that they have the chance to learn something that will help them in their everyday lives. A lot of summer activities teach great skills but those skills can’t really be applied to their own lives. It can be difficult for them to learn something that they probably won’t ever use. If you are going into a summer activity just looking for them to have fun, then that might be okay, but teens actually engage more when they learn about something that will actually help them in their future. It doesn’t have to be a lot of learning but it does have to be something that can be applicable in their lives right now. 

Some Summer Activities in Arizona

Interaction with teens, a safe and exciting environment and the chance to learn helpful skills for their life are three important factors in determining whether a teen will have fun at a summer activity. The interaction, exciting environment, and applicable learning will all combine to make sure that a teen has a lot of fun at a summer activity. I want to now give you some different suggestions for good summer activities for teens that I know of:

  1. Logic, Leadership, & Life Skills Summer Program 
  2. ASU Barret Summer Scholars 
  3. OAC Tours 
  4. Arizona Science Center 
  5. Flagstaff Extreme


This summer camp for teens in Arizona combines all of the factors discussed to make a fun experience. In this summer program, teens spend their time interacting with other teens the entire week of the program. They get opportunities to do team-building exercises in a safe environment that makes it very fun! It has a 4.8/5 star rating with over 600 reviews from parents and students. Not only is it a fun experience but teens will actually learn a lot from the program. They learn skills that they can apply into their lives immediately. Over 87% of parents said they saw a lasting impact on their child after the program. Register now if you are interested!

2. ASU Barret Summer Scholars

This summer activity is more of an expansive experience during the summer. The amount of teen interaction is very high with teens staying overnight at ASU for the experience. Some students aren’t used to that amount of interaction but it can be a great experience! The environment of the Barret School is a great place for learning and the concepts can be applicable to a teen’s life depending on which sessions they try to join. I have had students who have learned a lot from the sessions. Apply now if you are interested. 

3. OAC Tours 

OAC Tours has a high amount of teen interaction and fun. The outdoor experience is a great summer activity for teens in Arizona. It can be too difficult for some but you can inquire about the different levels and activities that can fit your teen. The environment is a safe and friendly place where teens can learn some life skills that can be applied into their lives. This activity is more for the experience and fun than the actual learning. 

4. Arizona Science Center 

This is a great place for learning while having fun! Teens wanting to stay out of the heat  would definitely enjoy the experience. There isn’t a lot of forced interaction, but if your teen can make friends easily then this would be an opportunity for a lot of social interaction for your child. The environment is safe and fun which makes it a great place to learn. There is a lot of opportunity to learn learn, but most students don’t actually learn a lot unless adults are present assisting in the activities. 

5. Flagstaff Extreme

This is a little less interaction and more hands-on learning. This summer activity is one of my favorites for those who want adventure. It is very exciting and fun which I feel helps teens to learn from the experience. I think it is a good activity for anyone who is able to do it which can build confidence and skills!

The Best Summer Activity in Arizona

We created the Logic, Leadership, and Life Skills Summer Program because we wanted to give teenagers an unforgettable experience that was also fun and helpful.

Happiness is the goal at this one-of-a-kind youth summer camp! Hosted at Arizona State University, the Logic, Leadership, and Life Skills summer program is the only place where teens can complete licensed professional development training. We’ve taken college-level curriculum and turned it into a fun and interactive 4-day course. Students will set new goalslearn leadership skills, and get individualized attention from our certified teen life coaches.