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Student Success Story: Jennifer Blanco

Leadership Spotlight: Jennifer Blanco In this spotlight, I want to introduce Jennifer Blanco! Jennifer is a prime example of what I would call a “model student”! She is smart, motivated, happy, and kind. She is the oldest of two children …

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Student Success Story: Areli Avianeda

Leadership Spotlight: Areli Avianeda In this leadership spotlight, we would like to introduce Areli Avianeda. She is one of the most genuine, bright and kind students that you will ever meet! She is a senior at Genesis Academy High School …

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Education Change Is At Our Doorstep

  Introduction “‘Our education system is a mess; it is failing us, our children, our future’ — a catchphrase I hear at conferences, during dinner and casual conversations.” – Sebastian Turbot The educational system has never been a serious problem …

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How to Help Elite Students Be Successful

  Many parents have dreams of sending their children to attend the most prestigious colleges. Places like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have become symbols of student success and intelligence. Parents pride themselves in sending their children to elite schools, thinking …

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