Student Success Story: Aldo Flores


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Student Success Story: Aldo Flores

March 24, 2023

This Leadership Spotlight focuses on a bright young student by the name of Aldo Flores. Aldo is the youngest of three and is currently a Freshman at Cesar Chavez high school. He first joined the Valley Guardian Executive Leadership Program to develop strong habits, both academically and physically, all while improving his interpersonal skills. Outside of his coursework, Aldo excels in his extracurricular activities, namely baseball and band. If one were to describe Aldo, they would say he has a good sense of humor, and a positive attitude. 

Although Aldo has only been in the VG program for 5 months, his enthusiasm and willingness to set goals are what has allowed him to succeed thus far. With the help of his coach, Aldo sets specific and quantifiable goals for each week and details when he needs to get them done. Through the process of setting goals and looking towards the future, Aldo has begun to solidify habits such as: 

  • Reading each night.
  • Practicing baseball.
  • Honing his band skills.
  • Balancing coursework. 

When asked about his experience in Valley Guardian Executive Leadership Program in his own words, he had this to say:

“Before this mentorship, I suffered both academically and socially, but this mentorship program has been great because it helped me navigate through these issues. I am now more social, and I am able to navigate through my high school experience better. This mentorship program has been one of the best places for me to reach out and ask for help.” – Aldo Flores

His mom was asked for her thoughts as well, and she stated: 

“Aldo has been excited to get involved with all the activities and social events that the Valley Guardian Executive Leadership Program hosts. This program allows him to interact with other kids without any fear of judgment, and he’s so happy that he’s able to participate in them. Aldo was worried about making new friends if he goes out of state for college, but the consistent, engaging activities and mentorship has given him good practice. I see that he’s much happier now, and for that, I thank this program.” – Aldo’s Mother

Aldo has an unbelievably bright future ahead of him and will succeed in any avenue he puts his mind to. We are excited about his future and are grateful to the Valley Guardians for making this program possible for him to receive the mentoring that he was looking for in his life. 

About the Author

David Meng is a success coach intern at the Leadership Society of Arizona