Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Coaching Scholarship

Program Overview


The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Coaching Scholarship is a multi-year coaching scholarship that provides students one on one mentoring and leadership training with certified coaches that help students become happier, more successful, and plan for their futures [valued at over $5,000 per year]. Our approach is based on 28 years of industry research and 40 years of family experience.

This scholarship was created by the Valley Guardians, a group of Phoenix Valley philanthropists, committed to supporting underserved populations. The Valley Guardians support programs like this by collecting donations from business leaders in the Valley.

2024 – 2025 Application Deadline: Open Year-round

What is the Impact?


94%Student Satisfaction

76%Improved Confidence

86%Reduction in Stress

76%Social Life Improved

6Accepted to College

5Received Jobs

Program Requirements

Table 1 and 2 shows the main requirements. They are as follows:

  • Financial Need: Financial guidelines used to determine need are based on household size and monthly household revenue (see Table 1). Please note that being outside of these guidelines does not necessarily disqualify you from acceptance.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Foster care, Adoption, Single-Parent Home, Medical Issues, Emotional Trauma, etc.
  • Academic Excellence: GPA, accomplishments, desire.
  • Parent & Student Participation.

What is Included?

As part of this leadership program, students receive numerous benefits that help them develop into well-rounded and stable individuals.

  • One-on-One Student Coaching
  • Parent Mentoring Support
  • Personal Development and Goal Setting
  • Life Skills Training (Career Building, Professionalism, etc.)
  • Post-High School Preparation (Filling out Financial Aid, Getting Accepted into College/Trade School)
  • All Access to Activities (Leadership Workshops, Company Visits, 3 Day Getaways, Social Events, Community Service, and Formal Ceremonies)
  • Access to Valley-wide Internships
  • CLICK HERE to find out more about our coaches and support staff.

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Program Feedback

His grades have improved significantly and as a result it made senior year a breeze. It’s been nice to see him take more initiative with a huge dash of confidence. The generous donors have made a significant difference in our lives. I feel closer to Adam and have  confidence that he will fulfill his dreams and goals as well as giving back.

– Martha A. (Parent)

What I got out of this program is being able to improve on my social skills, being more confident about myself, being able to manage my time better, and being able to be less stressed. This program has helped me get out of my comfort zone while having fun and learning things every week.

– Jessica J. (Student)

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Leadership Spotlights

Each month we love to recognize a new coaching student, highlight their story and growth in the program. Each of our students is exceptional and we hope you enjoy reading about them and their transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

It is a year-long program. Students will have the opportunity to reapply each year. A student can reapply until they have completed their first year of college, trade school or employment after graduating high school.

What type of activities are planned each year?

There are many activities that are planned each year. They are subject to change. A list of activities can be view by downloading the Activities Attachment.

What if a student does not live with their parent, can they still apply?

Yes. As long as the student’s legal guardian is willing to full participate, they can still apply.

How often do parents need to meet with coaches?

It depends on the child. Coaches will reach out and meet with parents (phone or online calls) up to one time per semester. However, parents have open communication with Coaches to ask them any questions they like throughout the program.

What type of financial assistance is provided?

Financial assistance is provided on a case by case basis and is intended to be one-time occurrences. They will be voted on by the leadership board during their monthly meetings. It is intended to help students become more successful and accomplish the things they need to do that. An example of financial assistance would be buying clothes for a job interview, or laptop for college.

Who can receive financial assistance?

This privilege is reserved for program participants who are active and have shown that they are taking advantage of all the program offers. If a student is ever in doubt, they are not fully active and participative program students, they can speak with their coach for more information.