Teamwork On A Circuit: A Valley Guardians Event


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Teamwork On A Circuit: A Valley Guardians Event

By: Hailey Wesloski

With students hooked to their phones, arcades now seem like a breath of fresh air for parents wanting their kids to interact with others and get out of the house. These arcades can also serve as tools for cultivating essential life skills in students. Amidst a generation needing instant gratification, they instill perseverance and adaptability, vital for navigating today’s fast-paced world. Multiplayer options foster teamwork and communication, crucial in an interconnected society. Arcade games make learning engaging, reinforcing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. These are skills that are needed for students to be successful in life!

Students who engage with arcade games not only develop agility, creativity, and camaraderie but also learn the enduring lessons of resilience, collaboration, and continuous growth, preparing them for success in academics and beyond. These experiences equip teenagers with valuable leadership abilities crucial for academic, professional, and personal success. It does seem counterintuitive but this is the way of the future. Students no longer have to sit at a desk to learn but now have the opportunity to have fun while learning!

On April 20th The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership scholars set off to foster their skills in leadership and teamwork! There were 20 students who attended the event and before everything, they enjoyed lunch with each other and relaxed. Once the activity started they played card games, competed to get the highest points in ten minutes and they competed in a circuit of Pinball, Shooter, Basketball, Air hockey, and Racing games. The students had an amazing time!

Students commented on how nice it was to be able to have some friendly competition, play games, cooperate with each other, and learn to play to their strengths. It gave students a safe place to learn about themselves and their abilities. Everyone got the opportunity to be themselves and get out of their comfort zone by trying new games and working with new peers. The Valley Guardians Leadership Program is giving these underprivileged students the opportunity of a lifetime and impacting their lives in so many different ways! The scholar students appreciate the Valley Guardian donors for all of their efforts in making a difference in the community as well as in their individual lives!

Arcade games aren’t just about high scores, they are about communication with your teammates and learning what you’re good at. In the arcade, clear instructions, encouragement, and shared strategies foster teamwork. Effective leaders leverage communication to unite players, coordinate moves, and celebrate victories, creating an environment where everyone thrives which in turn is supporting students’ learning journey. You might think twice when telling your child they aren’t allowed to go to the arcade. It might actually be an experience you want.

The Valley Guardians Leadership Program

The Valley Guardian program is a multiyear coaching program for underserved students in the community. It was created by successful business people in the valley. They got together and formed a non-profit to find ways to fund developmental programs for kids in underserved communities. This program was aimed toward the underserved kids in the valley who have good hearts and have a desire to be successful and be mentored. The kids who are a part of this program have access to all different kinds of services like professional coaches, coaching calls, getaways, leadership education and training workshops, access to professionals in the valley, college and career readiness and more. The Valley Guardian program started with a single school of 6 students, and overtime has grown to 13 schools, 7 districts, and 49 active students. Overall there have been 120 students who have benefited from this program.

The Valley Guardians program offers over thirty online and in person workshops per year. We do many different types of workshops per year including things like arcades, parks, hikes, parties, and online leadership training. Many of the kids who come are not very social and are looking for a place to feel comfortable and be able to meet new people while being themselves. When they come to programs they have a great time. The way we set them up makes kids feel comfortable, whether we ask them what they are interested in doing or set them up to meet new people through social activities at the beginning of each event. The students find they feel connected and accepted through the program. 

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