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The “Fake News” Phenomenon

The “Fake News” Phenomenon I have found that successful people have two characteristics that allow them to progress in society and obtain their goals. They must desire to know what’s going on around them: They care about life. They care …

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Making the Most of Mentorship

Making the Most of Mentorship Let’s say you’re trying to decide if you want to buy a million-dollar house. You might know what you want to do. You might see a clear path to doing it, but If you make …

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Author’s Note | ISOT Read Along #1

Welcome to my Read along! What is the search of truth? When I was growing up, I realized that the most beneficial relationship, were with people who taught me how to quickly understand when something was right or accurate. That’s …

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The Future of Education: Logic & Leadership

The Issue with Education There is a big disconnect between what adults want children to care about and what children actually care about. The issue is that, more often than not, adults have unrealistic expectations of what children can understand …

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K12 education

K12 Education & Society

  K12 Education is supposed to prepare a child to be successful at life. Looking at current college graduation, unemployment, economic prosperity, crime and health statistics, education has failed us.   K12 Education Impact K12 education is important because it …

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