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Student Success Story: Vanessa Karuhije

Leadership Spotlight: Vanessa Karuhije For this month’s leadership spotlight, we want to recognize Vanessa Karuhije. She is 17 and a senior at Bourgade Catholic High School. Vanessa has stood out in the program for so many reasons. She is caring, …

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Student Success Story: Areli Avianeda

Leadership Spotlight: Areli Avianeda In this leadership spotlight, we would like to introduce Areli Avianeda. She is one of the most genuine, bright and kind students that you will ever meet! She is a senior at Genesis Academy High School …

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Student Success Story: Alexis Beltran

Leadership Spotlight: Alexis Beltran In this leadership spotlight, we would like to introduce Alexis Beltran. Alexis is entering his senior year of high school at Brophy College Preparatory. Alexis is a bright young man that has an incredible story and …

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Student Success Story: Jessica Javalera

Jessica Javalera Spotlight: Know Yourself, Appreciate, and Work Hard By: Sarah Alsaeedi Jessica was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and is currently a Sophomore in High School. Upon first meeting her, she appears to be a shy, soft spoken, …

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Student Success Story: Anthony Garcia

Leadership Spotlight: Anthony Garcia For this spotlight, we want to recognize Anthony Garcia. Anthony is from Phoenix, Arizona and comes from a good home where he lives with his father, mother and older brother. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, …

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Leadership Spotlight: Adam Delgado

Leadership Spotlight: Adam Delgado March 8, 2020 Adam Delgado is a Valley Guardian scholar, and it is my pleasure to be able to introduce in him in this Leadership Spotlight! I have had the privilege of being Adam’s mentor in …

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Leadership Spotlight: Jessup Traum

Leadership Spotlight: Jessup Traum Every year, we have the chance to meet hundreds of incredible students. Each possesses their unique strengths and qualities. In this Leadership Spotlight, we want to highlight Jessup Traum, one of our students who has been …

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