Executive Leadership Academy

Learn How to Become a Business Executive!

In this program, we teach students how to become a business executive! Students will learn a research-driven leadership model that will help them to build the necessary skills for their future career. This model has been proven to be effective over 30+ years of research, over 2000+ projects, and $6.6B of project funding.

We assist students to understand and implement daily habits that are the foundation of a happy, healthy, and successful life!

All students will have the opportunity to participate in business related activities and work as teams to accomplish goals. Students will receive a 25-hour course of leadership training at the graduation of the week.


“Unlike any other program in high school. I learned that things don’t need to be complicated in order for them to be worth learning. This has helped me learn better in my senior year. I can now break things down and simplify them in order to learn. I can see how I will attain the goals in my life. The Leadership Society of Arizona will honestly teach you the skills that are necessary for you to grow and be a successful person.”

Suzanne B., (Alum)

Course Details

This program is only offered once a year. Space is limited to 20 students age 14-18.

Cost: $450
Date & Time: July 23 – July 27, 9am – 3pm
Food: Lunch/Snacks are provided each day for students
Location: 1602 S. Priest Dr. Tempe AZ 85281 [Suite 101-102]

All graduates will receive:

  • An Executive Training Certificate
  • 25 professional development hours
  • Lifetime access to proven success tools
  • A leadership manual

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In this program our students will learn how to organize information, create plans, present solutions, and network with professionals.

Students will have the opportunity to travel to a local business and meet with its leaders to tour their facility and operations, and identify the major issues it is facing. Students will be broken up into teams to use the Advanced Executive Leadership Curriculum they are taught to come up with a solution they will present to the company leadership at the end of the week.

Day 1: Six Natural Laws of Success

  • Simplified industry Best Practice models
  • Creating a long-term plan
  • Activity: Interview a local company

Day 2: Identifying Expertise

  • The daily of habits of leadership
  • Asking the right people the right questions
  • Activity: Evaluate local experts

Day 3: How to Know when you Don’t Know

  • Diagnosing stress and fear
  • Creating plans using metrics
  • Activity: Success Coaching and dessert cook-off

Day 4: The Love of Leadership

  • Conflict resolution and relationship management
  • Invaluable skills in family bonding
  • Activity: Trip to Tilt Studio arcade!

Day 5: Luncheon Ceremony & Business Presentations

Students and families are invited to attend our closing ceremony! Food will be provided! Right after, students and parents will travel to their designated business project location and give their final presentations. Business leaders will listen to each student team. Teams and families can speak with business leaders and network afterward.

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