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What is No-Influence Mentoring?

We believe that the best way to help children find success is to first accept them for who they are instead of trying to change them.

Through 28 years of research, mentoring 4,000 people, and teaching over 260 classes, we have created a mentoring model to help you:

  1. Better understand your children
  2. Manage your and your family’s stress
  3. Encourage accountability in your kids
  4. Improve family relationships

Happier parents raise successful families! Get involved today!

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What do we teach parents?

How to develop leadership traits that will make parenting easier.
How to understand and teach your children in a effective way.
The logic of how your child thinks and makes decisions.
What to do when a child that is struggling with social issues.
How to create a loving environment in the home.  
How to help your children plan for their future.  


4,000+People Mentored


95%Satisfaction Rating

260+Classes Taught

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