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What is No-Influence Mentoring?

We believe that the best way to help students become successful  is to first accept them for who they are instead of trying to change them.

Through 28 years of research, mentoring 4,000 people, and teaching over 260 classes, we have created a mentoring model to help you:

  1. Better understand your students
  2. Improve classroom management
  3. Manage your and your student’s stress
  4. Have great impact with your students

Earn Up to 9 PD Credit Hours Certified by the AZ Department of Education!



4,000+People Mentored


95%Satisfaction Rating

260+Classes Taught

What Will You Learn?

Our Teacher Training course is for teachers who want additional support to:

  1. How to develop leadership traits that will make teaching easier.
  2. The logic of how your students think and make decisions.
  3. How to create an effective learning environment.
  4. How to understand and teach your students in an effective way.
  5. What to do when a student that is struggling with social issues.
  6. How to design lesson plans that engage students

Program Details

  • 9 Weeks
  • 9 Professional Development Credit Hours
  • Weekly Videos & Activities
  • Option for One-on-One Coaching
  • We can help you get it funded through your school district

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