FREE Family Leadership Workshops

Stronger families create stronger communities

Partnered with top organizations in the valley, LSA’s Family Leadership Workshops are designed to teach simple laws of nature that are proven to make your life easier & more successful. In each workshop, we address a specific problem area known to cause stress at home and at school.

But, this is nothing like a classroom or a regular seminar, it’s FUN and INTERACTIVE!

October 8
ASU – Online

December 10
ASU – Online

December 15
Microsoft – Online

October 8| 3pm – 4pm (AZ time)

College Admissions – High School to College Transition

Location: Online Workshop

Aiming to create a college going culture among high school students

Facilitated by Arizona State University (ASU) staff, this workshop is designed to prepare high school students for college. Join us for a 1-hour virtual session that will:

  • Debunk myths about college
  • Identify how to get more out of high school
  • Explain the qualifications for admissions
  • Share information about ASU scholarships

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After arriving home from the workshop, my son expressed on his own: “Thank you for taking me to the workshop! I really had fun and learned stuff too!”  It’s fair to say, we’ll be seeing you at future workshops!

Alysson A. (parent)

December 10 | 3pm – 4pm (AZ Time)

College Affordability – Financial Aid & Scholarships

Location: Online Workshop

Learn about financial resources for any college and discover ASU specific scholarships.

ASU staff will lead this informative workshop to help high school students prepare their financial plans for college. Going to college doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. In this workshop you learn:

  • Typical costs for attending college
  • The basics of FAFSA
  • How to prepare for FAFSA
  • Scholarship info for ASU

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I love LSA’s Family Workshops! In less than 2hours, I can learn, reflect and come up with new ideas on how to be a greater support for my children. All the activities are so fun and useful too!

Sarah S. (parent)

December 15 | 4pm – 5pm (AZ time)

Microsoft Workshop – Fundamentals of Office

Location: Online

Knowing how to use Microsoft Office is one of the single most important job skills!

Facilitated by Microsoft staff, this workshop will teach you how to use the many useful apps included in your Office 365 subscription. Learn how Office 365 keeps you connected and informed—whether you are on the go, at work or at home. Learn how to set up, access and use all of the apps in Office 365 including:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • And More!

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Where are the workshops located?

Each workshop will be a different location across the Phoenix Valley. Local businesses and institutions have opened their doors and graciously offered to host workshops and offer tours of their local facilities. This is a great opportunity for students to learn and network with local business leaders.

What are the workshops about?

The overall theme of our workshop series is using natural laws of success to simplify your life. Success is the result of daily habits and principles. Through 25 years of research, we have narrowed down the best practices, or “natural laws”, that make people more successful. Each workshop will feature a different natural law of success.

Where does the LSA leadership methodology come from?

LSA’s leadership material is sourced from the Information Measurement Theory (IMT), a logical model developed by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi over 30+ years in the industry and  academia conducted at Arizona State University. You can find out more about IMT and Dr. Dean’s global research efforts by visiting his website HERE.

Who will be teaching at the workshops?

Various members of the LSA team will teach and facilitate each workshop. Each member of the LSA team holds a Master’s or Doctorate degree in engineering or management. At each workshop, the site host will share a brief presentation about what their company does, how it helps the community, and any opportunities they have for students. Certain workshops will feature guest keynote speakers.

Who can attend the workshops?

Workshops are open to anyone in the community (parents, students, or professionals). The workshops are geared towards students ages 13 and up, but you are welcome to bring your younger children.

Can adults attend?

Yes! The workshops are geared towards high school students, but the whole family can benefit.

Can I pick and choose which workshops to go to?

Yes! You do not have to attend every workshop. You can choose the ones you think you will enjoy most.

Are the workshops mainly lecture style?

No. We understand that at the end of the day, parents, professionals and students do not have a lot of bandwidth left to listen to a long lecture. Our focus is to create a dynamic and interactive environment that fosters better learning. We only lecture for 15 minutes, and the remaining time will be used for activities and other means for learning or drawing meaningful conclusions. Everything we teach is simple, and immediately implementable in your life.

What if I am a shy person, but still want to attend these interactive workshops?

If you are a shy person, you have come to the right place. Our main goal is to nurture and care for all of our participants to ensure maximum comfortability. We will never ask or force you to do anything that you are not ready for. You are amongst friends and your fellow community members. The workshops are a safe place, where you can come to relax, listen, and take whatever you want from it. Whatever conclusions you come to, we believe are the right ones.