Summer Leadership Academy: 2017 Report


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The Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) is a federal 501(c)3 non-profit leadership education organization. The fundamental idea behind the summer leadership academy is simple: if we want to change the world, we must first be the change ourselves.

LSA employs an industry-tested, no-influence leadership model sourced from 25 years of professional and academic research at Arizona State University. The model  on over 1,900 projects delivering $6.8B worth of services in 9 countries and 43 states, with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. It is also the most licensed technology out of ASU (54 licenses). This model has been taught to over 1,600 college students over the last 7 years with a satisfaction rating 96%. LSA adapted this model for high school students and has taught over 500 students in 4 years with a satisfaction rating of 96%. Students who understand this model can learn new concepts 10 times faster. Using this model, LSA shows students how to enact simple changes in their daily lives to cultivate life-long leadership skills proven to make individuals more successful.

Summer Program Summary

The Logic and Leadership summer program is a fun, interactive and discussion based week-long course (20 hours) that teaches high school students how to be more effective leaders and plan for their futures. During the week, students learn a new framework to solving their problems. This approach replaces the complexity of technical and detailed information, with the simplicity of natural laws and logic (compiled from the world’s greatest minds: Socrates, Einstein, Bruce Lee, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and many more). To help make this program possible, Frito-Lay donated over 500 snack products.

Students pose with their snacks donated by Frito-Lay at ASU West Campus

The summer program consists of four days and one closing ceremony:

  • Day 1: Understanding Natural Laws – how to set goals and change.
  • Day 2: Common Practices of Successful People – how to form good habits.
  • Day 3: The No-Influence Model – how to improve relationships.
  • Day 4: Alignment Leadership – how to leverage the strengths of others.
  • Day 5: Closing Ceremony.

List of Programssummer

In 2017, LSA hosted 5 summer programs [143 students] at the following locations:

  1. South Mountain High School [5/26-5/31]
  2. North High School [6/5-6/9]
  3. ASU Main Campus [6/19-6/23]
  4. Westwood High School [7/10-7/14]
  5. ASU West Campus [7/17-7/21]


We measured the success of our programs by the impact on the students. They completed a satisfaction and comprehension survey before and after the program. The results are in Table 1.

Table 1: Student Satisfaction Survey Results

Performance CriteriaMetrics
Number of students educated143
Student Satisfaction rating of the program93%
Student satisfaction rating of the instructors98%
Parent satisfaction rating of the program96%
Percent of students who felt the program has helped them improve95%
Percent of students who would recommend this program to others96%
Percent of students who felt less stressed58%
Percent of students who felt their leadership ability improve46%


The program participants came from very diverse backgrounds. Some students were struggling in their classes, while others were in gifted programs. Students came from all over the Phoenix Valley, and several from out of state. While each student faced unique challenges in life, the program helped empower them to overcome their challenges. Some of the success stories are as follows:

  • Student 1 spoke English as a second language and did not like talking to others. After the program, she decided to start trying to talk to more people.
  • Student 2 was frequently bullied at school. At the end of the program, she stated that she realized bullying should not have the power to affect her. She can be happy even if the people around her are not nice. She realized her own self-worth.
  • Student 3 was having behavioral issues in school. His parents wanted to send him to military school. By participating in the program, he gained the courage to speak to his parents. After attending the closing ceremony, his father realized that he was being too controlling which led his son to act out.

“This program has been life changing for [my daughter] and I’m so glad we found LSA!” –Parent

“This is the best summer program that I’ve ever been a part of.” –Student

Read what students and parents are saying HERE.


This is the second year that LSA has been able to host the high school summer program. In just one year, LSA has tripled its number of programs and greatly increased its outreach to students across the Phoenix Valley.  LSA will host 6+ local workshops, partner with 8 different high schools, and host over 6 more summer programs, over the next year.

Program Sponsors

To help make this program possible, LSA received support and donations from individuals and organizations across the Phoenix Valley. These different organizations provided monetary donations, facility support, in-kind donations, and supported LSA through various marketing efforts. The largest single donation came from PepsiCo in the form of 500 bags of Frito-Lay snacks and over 700 bottles of Gatorade. LSA graciously thanks each of the organizations below for their continued dedication to improving the education of students in Arizona.


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