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The Cluttered Millennial

The Cluttered Millennial In my life, clutter has taken many different forms. When I was young, I thought the main thing that would bring me joy was stuff. I was obsessed with getting new toys, buying video games, and owning …

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What’s causing teen depression and anxiety?

What’s causing teen depression and anxiety? In this post, we’ll explore the nature of depression and anxiety in teens today including topics such as: Statistics about teenage stress and depression Research on the factors that contribute to anxiety The root …

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The “Why” Generation

This is the third article in the Next Generation Leadership Series. Click to read the first and second articles. Work-life balance: the millennial dream and the employer nightmare. I presented on the topic of millennials to a group of professionals …

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Out with the New and In with the Old

This is the second article in the Next Generation Leadership Series. Read the first one HERE. Kids These Days… Since our last article, I have done some digging to find out when the belief of “young people don’t work as …

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Who wants to be a Millennial-aire?

What’s the Deal with Millennials?  According to Google Trends, there’s a growing interest in understand generational differences. Every day, more articles are published with some variation of the same title: “This is how we’ve always done it, but how will …

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Summer Leadership Academy: 2017 Report

The Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) is a federal 501(c)3 non-profit leadership education organization. The fundamental idea behind the summer leadership academy is simple: if we want to change the world, we must first be the change ourselves. LSA employs …

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