About the Book

How do you find stability when your world is crumbling all around you?

The Fall of Lobos is about two wolves trying to find their place in a pack on the verge of extinction. The first wolf, Lazarus, is the runt of the litter. He endures endless bullying with no hope of becoming a strong hunter like his siblings. The other wolf, Moriah, is a high achiever who strives for perfection at all costs, even if it means neglecting others. Through a coming-of-age experience, these two wolves must discover their place in a pack grappling with death, disease, and the looming threat of their sworn enemies.

This book was written for soul-searching teenagers and young adults who struggle to find their value and purpose in life. We hope this book will become an invaluable resource to kickstart important conversations for readers, teachers, and parents everywhere!

Paperback ($11.99)eBook ($0.99)

Join Our Mission!

Our mission in publishing this book is to give teenagers and young adults a tool to help them find their purpose even when it feels like life is falling apart. This book explores some deeper themes, but we want it to be an enjoyable and fulfilling read. That’s why we need your help!

Most publishers only release books that will be profitable. Our goal is to publish books that we know will be helpful. Please read this book, take notes, and share your honest feedback. Help us make this book better! All proceeds are donated to fund LSA programs for students!

Watch this video to learn about our publishing plan and help us on our journey!


How to Help Our Mission

This is a new publishing strategy that we’re rolling out specifically for this book! The goal is to get as many students, parents, and educators involved early on to shape the book before we expend resources on marketing. Since you’re part of the publishing team, your feedback will be used to change/edit the book. In return, we’ll send you free updated copies and new versions (new editions, audiobooks, hardcovers, etc.).

The community launch will happen in five phases described in more detail below.

Phase 1 – Soft Launch | Initial feedback and editing

Phase 2 – Relaunch | Marketing the final version

Phase 3 – Audiobook | Full production of audiobook

Phase 4 – Mentoring Edition | Interactive version for readers

Phase 5 – To Be Determined


Phase 1 – Soft Launch [COMPLETE]

  • Timeframe: December 2023 – March 2024
  • Book Price: Lowest price Amazon allows
  • Objectives: Collect feedback for a new edition
  • Team Assignment: Read the book, complete the survey, and share with others
  • Goal: 50 sales & 25 surveys
  • Reward: All team members can receive a free hard copy if they complete the survey

Phase 2 – Relaunch [Active]

  • Timeframe: March 2024 – August 2024
  • Objectives: Selling books through Amazon
  • Team Assignment: Share the book with others, post on social media, & post reviews
  • Goal: 200 sales
  • Reward: Free audiobook for all team members who post a review or share the book

Paperback ($11.99)eBook ($0.99)

Phase 3 – Audiobook [Not Started]

  • Timeframe: September 2024 – December 2024
  • Objectives: Selling audiobooks and hard copies
  • Team Assignment: Continue sharing the book, listen to the audiobook, & post on social media
  • Goal: 500 sales
  • Reward: Free Mentoring Edition for all team members who review the audiobook or promote it

Phase 4 – Mentoring Edition [Not Started]

  • Timeframe: January 2025
  • Objectives: Test pilot the new edition
  • Team Assignment: Read the new version with someone else (run a test)
  • Goal: 1,000 sales
  • Reward: Free new edition for all team members who test (new edition TBD)