Valley Guardians - Executive Leadership Program

Program Overview


The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program was designed to provide success coaching for students (ages 12-18) with financial needs. It was created by the Valley Guardians, a group of Phoenix Valley philanthropists, committed to supporting underserved populations. The Valley Guardians support programs like this by collecting donations from business leaders in the Valley.

This program is a multi-year coaching opportunity to help students become happier, more successful, and plan for their futures. This scholarship is valued at over $5,000 per year! The scholarship covers success coaching, academic assistance, technology, and any other financial needs that occur. We are looking for the top students who are motivated to improve themselves, have a thirst for knowledge, and want to develop a vision for their life.


As part of this leadership program, students receive numerous benefits that help them develop into well-rounded and stable individuals. We teach four corners of success (personal development, social skills, family life, and professional skills). The program includes:

  • Valued at over $5,000 per year
  • One-on-One Student Coaching
  • Parent Mentoring Support
  • Personal Development and Goal Setting
  • Life Skills (Finding a Job, Learning Basic Computer / Software Skills)
  • Post-High School Preparation (Filling out Financial Aid, Getting Accepted into College/Trade School)
  • Activities (Leadership Workshops, Company Visits, 3 Day Getaways, Social Events, Community Service, and Formal Ceremonies)
  • Internships

Program Requirements

Program acceptance is based on four major criteria:

  1. Financial Need: Financial limits and guidelines used to determine need can be viewed in Figure 1 . Being outside of financial limits does not necessarily disqualify you from acceptance.
  2. Extenuating Circumstances
  3. Academic Excellence: GPA, Accomplishments, Desire.
  4. Full Parent and Student Participation (See Figure 2)

Figure 1: Financial Limits and Guidelines

Program Participation Requirements

  • Attend Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • Submit Begin and End Assessments
  • Attend Regular Parent Meetings

  • Attend Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • Submit Begin and End Assessments
  • Attend a minimum of two events per month.
  • Attend at least one 3 Day Getaway.
  • Participate on all required coaching calls.
  • Need to document and create a presentation.
  • Active in personal development through goals (internships, service hours, college preparation, etc.).



Please follow the application process below:

  • Applications are now open!
  • Download the Valley Gaurdians Application Form and submit by emailing it to
  • Once the application is received you will receive an email within 48 hours scheduling two separate interviews (with students, then with parents). Each interview is expected to be around 20 minutes.
    • If you don’t have online video capability, interviews will be done over the phone.
    • As part of the selection process, we may need proof of last year’s school transcripts and a letter of recommendation. Have them ready and on hand.
  • Program acceptance notices will be released on 8/1/2021.
  • If you are accepted, the student applicant and parent will be required to attend an Opening Ceremony on 8/14/2021. The Opening Ceremony is an exciting introductory event, where the student applicant can meet one on one with the program’s leadership, learn in detail what is required, fun and exciting activities to participate in, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

It is a year-long program. Students will have the opportunity to reapply each year. A student can reapply until they have completed their first year of college, trade school or employment after graduating high school.

What type of activities are planned each year?

There are many activities that are planned each year. They are subject to change. A list of activities can be view by downloading the Activities Attachment.

What if a student does not live with their parent, can they still apply?

Yes. As long as the student’s legal guardian is willing to full participate, they can still apply.

How often do parents need to meet with coaches?

It depends on the child. Coaches will reach out and meet with parents (phone or online calls) up to one time per semester. However, parents have open communication with Coaches to ask them any questions they like throughout the program.

What type of financial assistance is provided?

Financial assistance is provided on a case by case basis and is intended to be one-time occurrences. They will be voted on by the leadership board during their monthly meetings. It is intended to help students become more successful and accomplish the things they need to do that. An example of financial assistance would be buying clothes for a job interview, or laptop for college.

Who can receive financial assistance?

This privilege is reserved for program participants who are active and have shown that they are taking advantage of all the program offers. If a student is ever in doubt, they are not fully active and participative program students, they can speak with their coach for more information.