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Successful Students

Education should prepare a child to be successful at life. Looking at current high school and college graduation, unemployment, economic prosperity, crime rates, and the health index, it’s clear that education has failed us. K12 education is crucial because it encompasses the formative years of a child’s development. Studies have shown that it’s difficult for someone to change ingrained habits after reaching adulthood.

Recent studies show that students are stressed, overwhelmed and under-prepared for college. 45% of college graduates have technical expertise, but lack the ability to understand people and think critically. Companies are finding that this is a significant deficiency among young employees. The majority of graduating students over think, are not accountable, think only of themselves, and want something for nothing. By observation, many high school/college graduates are not prepared for the challenges of life. For this reason, four driven college students, including Jake Gunnoe, founded the Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA). Their common belief was that they could make a difference in society.

The Fix

GhandiLSA has found a way to fix education through a disruptive technology. LSA realized that it would take a lifetime to change the current academic structure.  As a result, they created a supplementary curriculum that can teach students to be more intelligent and learn 10x quicker. Current results show that it improves social behavior, decreases stress/worry, and increases a student’s confidence. Regardless of a student’s IQ level and leadership capability, our education enables a student to add value to society.

The students identify who they are, align their life with their talents, and minimize stress and problems in their personal lives [examples of stopping the consumption of pharmaceuticals and drinking, implementing a life makeover, becoming transparent, and having an increase in accountability and responsibility]. The most common feedback from college students in the course is, “I wish I had learned this earlier.”

The Research

This disruptive model is scientifically backed by 24 years of R&D at ASU through industry testing of professional services, which has been shown to help organizations globally increase their efficiency by up to 30% and cut cost by 30-50%. The impact will be significant: decreasing criminal/delinquent behavior, bullying, substance abuse and violence, and increasing community service volunteers and efforts, and health/mental stability.

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