Jake Gunnoe Recognized as the 2016 “New Leader” of the Year


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In December of 2016, Ubiquity Leadership selected 25 professionals who stood out from among their peers as top leaders. Jake Gunnoe, from Arizona State University (ASU), was selected as the “New Leader” of 2016. He was chosen from a highly competitive pool of candidates from over 60 large companies (including Apple, Shell, KPMG, and the NFL).

Ubiquity Leadership is an Executive Coaching & Leadership Development firm based in Ottawa, Canada. They have worked closely with executives for the past 16 years offering a variety of services ranging from leadership coaching, assessment, training, and etcetera.

In the Fall of 2016, Jake had the opportunity to work with Ubiquity’s President, Terry Lipovski. Terry coached Jake in preparation for a keynote address at the International Facility Management Association World Workplace 2016 conference on October 5th. With Terry’s guidance, Jake successfully delivered a crowd-winning speech to over 2,500 attendees. Of Jake’s performance Terry is quoted:

“This guy has serious talent! I worked with Jake in preparing for his World Workplace 2016 Keynote Talk and I must admit to being blown away by his remarkable result. Delivering his first big conference Keynote, Jake *Rocked It*, delivering a talk that I later described as “True Art On Stage”. His message was excellent yet it was his Style and Timing that took this talk from Good to Great to Simply Amazing. Jake, I encourage you to continue to find audiences to enlighten. Bravo!!” –Terry Lipovski, 2016

Performance Based Studies Research Group

Jake is now completing his Ph.D. at ASU, and expected to graduate in May 2017. Since 2013, he has worked under the mentorship of Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, Director of the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG). His current research efforts focus on integrating engineering and scientific processes with professional talent management and leadership development. He has authored 10 publications and personally worked with over 15 organizations conducting service delivery and management research implementation.

Jake is only one of several promising graduate students who work under Dr. Dean. The researchers at PBSRG have created an educational experience that enables students learn at an exponential rate. This model equips graduates with the skill sets of a seasoned professional without requiring years of technical experience. Dr. Dean is quoted saying:

“…Jake Gunnoe took the stage at Worldwide IFMA and time stood still. A number of people who truly know the effort realized that the future generation [of Best Value] is knocking on the door. Congratulations to Jake Gunnoe. For those who were not there, try to appreciate the years of effort and the dreams of the PBSRG young guns (under the mentorship of Jacob Kashiwagi and Kenneth Sullivan) that culminated in the most outstanding presentation [by] Jake Gunnoe on the largest stage ever.” –Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, 2016

Future Leadership

The PBSRG leadership development model is based on the Information Measurement Theory (IMT), the founding philosophy behind the world famous Best Value Approach. Dr. Dean’s protégés are the next step in proliferating IMT and Best Value to companies everywhere. Jake Gunnoe will be graduating in May of 2017, Dr. Dean anticipates 6 others to follow and prepare to look for future employment opportunities over the next 5 years.

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The PBSRG team at an IFMA meeting. Bottom Row: Nguyen Le, Steve Georgoulis (IFMA), Sylvia Romero, Dean Kashiwagi, Isaac Kashiwagi, Yutian Chen. Back Row: Charles Zulanas, David Gastelum, Jake Gunnoe, Jose Ayala, Tamil Elango, Alfredo Rivera

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