The Natural Laws of Success – A Lesson from Professional Athletes


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Success is different for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your passion is in life, if you have a dream, you have goals. What is the best way to achieve our goals?

There’s a pattern to success and achieving goals. Our program teaches students the laws of human nature that lead to success in all aspects of life. We call these principles “The Natural Laws of Success”.

Coronado High School Logic & Leadership Academy

In the Fall of 2016, we had the unique opportunity to teach a leadership development course to the Coronado High School (CHS) Football Team. Over the course of a semester, we offered 20 students 6, one-hour workshops to help them become more successful. Many of the students struggled to keep their grades up in school and had disciplinary issues. After talking to CHS administration, we decided to develop a curriculum specifically for high school football players.

Life Lessons from Professional Athletes

The Natural Laws of Success are present in all aspects of life. They are clearly exemplified through the lives of highly successful people. At CHS, we chose to focus on professional athletes to make the course more relatable. Keep reading to find out what we taught about Stephen Curry, Ray Rice, and Tom Brady!

Stephen Curry – Success is Not an Accident

Stephen Curry is an all-star, plain and simple[1] [2]. He has seen some incredible record breaking moments in his career[3]. The impressiveness of his talent pales in comparison to the inspiring story of his rise to fame.

Curry was always talented, but what set him apart from others was his coach-ability and hard work. One summer in high school, Curry’s dad (a former NBA player) told him that if he wanted to be better he needed to completely change his shot[4]. At first, this change hurt his game, but Curry spent the entire summer mastering this skill. This is only one instance of Curry’s dedication. In the video below, you can see how relentless Curry was in striving to be the best.

Success –

We often think that successful people catch a lucky break, but that might not be true. Nature is governed by cause and effect; every action must have a reaction. Your success is the result of your work. Curry is a champ because he asks for expert advice and then he relentlessly works to improve himself.

Success is not an accident. It’s a natural law: if you utilize expertise, and work hard, you will reach your desired results.

Ray Rice – You Control Your Life

Ray Rice is another all-star player[5], but his recent fame is for a much different reason. In 2014, Rice’s career was turned upside down because of a domestic violence case[6]. In the course of one year, he was dropped from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Eventually, he was permitted to play again, but today, teams still won’t hire him.

Since his suspension, Rice has done some serious soul-searching[7]. He’s been forced to rethink his career. He continues to work as a free agent, but he still hasn’t been picked up by a team. In the meantime, he’s turned his focus to the community:

Today, Rice isn’t playing football, but he’s making an even greater impact by speaking out against domestic violence. While his actions might have ruined his NFL career, he doesn’t let that dictate his future. Rice never blamed anyone else. His story is powerful because he’s willing to take full accountability for his actions: “I’m not proud of what happened, but I am proud of what I did to never, never, never, ever get to that place again.” (Ray Rice, NY Daily News).

True success cannot exist without accountability. We cannot learn from our actions unless we’re willing to own them. We can only grow when we admit our faults. Success is a mindset.

Tom Brady – The Key to Life is Constant Improvement

Tom Brady is another common household name. You probably know about Tom Brady even if you don’t watch football. What you might not know is who he was before becoming one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Brady wasn’t much of a player when he was young. The one thing that made the biggest difference in Brady’s life was his approach to learning. From the beginning, Brady stopped at nothing to find good coaches. Well into his professional career, the 4-time Super Bowl champ continued to get help from his high school coach. Take a look at these two videos (they’re a little long so feel free to skip through):

Brady’s propensity for constant improvement doesn’t stop at football. He is a fanatic about every aspect of his health, family life, and personal routine[8]. Brady maintains a rigorous diet at all times: at home, on vacation, and during the off-season. His life isn’t about winning a couple Super Bowls, it’s about achieving excellence in all things.

The number one characteristic of all successful people is a commitment to progression. Success requires the willingness to learn and dedication to a routine conducive to growth. Success is a 24/7 lifestyle.

Program Results

The students at Coronado High School were deeply inspired by the lives of these three athletes. As part of our program we wanted to measure how the Natural Laws of Success affected the students. We asked 15 teachers to observe how students’ behavior changed after completing the 6-week program. The results are staggering:

  • 10 of the 15 teachers noted observable improvements in the students
  • 14 out of 18 students showed improvement in class performance
  • Student overall class performance improved by 9%
  • Time management improved by 13%
  • Respectfulness improved by 12%
  • Understanding, social aptitude, and college-readiness improved by 10%

These changes came after only 6 hours of instruction. We interviewed several of the students and found that the course inspired them to repair relationships with their families, improve their study habits, complete all of their homework assignments for the first time, and live healthier lifestyles. Every student who attended more than 3 classes achieved the goals that they had set at the beginning of the program.


Life is governed by unchanging laws of nature; success is no different than gravity. Every individual has the ability to reach for their own measure of success. As we adopt more successful habits, we naturally begin to achieve our goals, big or small. Results require the right actions. You decide what you will do with your circumstances. If you’re always learning, you will always improve.

Leadership isn’t a job title, it’s a lifestyle.

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