Education Change Is At Our Doorstep


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“‘Our education system is a mess; it is failing us, our children, our future’ — a catchphrase I hear at conferences, during dinner and casual conversations.” – Sebastian Turbot
The educational system has never been a serious problem until now! More than ever, we can see the failures in education by the unemployment rate and lack of expertise in the workplace. Sebastian Turbot identified 5 reasons why the education system needs to change:

1. Graduates are not being trained

60% of employers say that they have trouble finding graduates with the skills they need. Education is supposed to equip people with skills needed to be successful in the industry, but most of the time that is not the case. Spending hours on cramming information, memorizing equations and taking tests doesn’t seem to make a skilled employee.


2. Unemployment

75 Million young adults are unemployed. With millions of people unemployed, finding a job can be difficult for a lot of people. The fact that so many are looking for jobs might be a good indication that our educational system is not working.

3. Changing Future

The “one job one employer” career is over. With advancements in technology, the entire job market is changing. People will need to be more flexible to deal with the change.

4. The Age of Technology

Research estimates that 20 million jobs will be lost globally to robots and artificial intelligence.  Any job that can be automated, will be automated.  We no longer need people that can input data, memorize information, and stamp papers anymore.  We need people who are can think and are innovative, something that robots can’t do.

5. Creation of New Jobs

Research says that 15 years from now, 65% of graduates will be going into jobs that don’t exist now. Our educational system is outdated. It is not built to educate people in being creative, innovative, and confident. We need to adjust our education to adapt to our changing future.

Schools Changing For Students

Even though the evidence pointing to education reform is overwhelming, over the last 30 years the system has stayed the same. However, there have been multiple organizations trying to change that. BRAC, Escuela Nueva, Ideas Box, Me and My City, Big Picture Learning, Bridge International Academies are just some of the initiatives that are addressing the faults and rifts in education.

The Leadership Society of Arizona

The Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA) is one of those “outside the box” societies looking to prepare our children for the future. By teaching simple concepts instead of technical information, children can build more confidence, increase leadership skill, and learn 5x faster.

These new ways of educating people are paving the way to a brighter future for our entire society. The educational change is at our doorstep. We can either embrace it or we can be left behind.


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