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Our unique model is about recognizing patterns and form new behaviors to fundamentally change the way we learn. Discover how to apply industry-proven decision making techniques to everyday life. Click here to learn more.

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How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors

How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors December 7, 2020 Leadership skills aren’t only for executives and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a teen overcoming peer pressure, a professional climbing the career ladder, or a parent trying to be the …

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How Do I Motivate My Teenager?

How Do I Motivate My Teenager? November 30, 2020 Many parents wonder, How can I motivate my children? It’s a great question, but it’s more important to ask, What am I  trying to motivate my child to do? The answer …

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Do Grades Determine Success?

Do Grades Determine Success? November 23, 2020 Video Games VS Good Grades Do grades determine success? If you have good grades, are you guaranteed to be successful? If you have bad grades, are you guaranteed to not be successful? Today, …

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Right Place at the Right Time

Introduction My name is Mark Ryles and I am a professional that has been implementing principles of the Best Value Approach for the last 3 years. The Best Value Approach was developed from the leadership model that is utilized by …

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The Cluttered Millennial

The Cluttered Millennial In my life, clutter has taken many different forms. When I was young, I thought the main thing that would bring me joy was stuff. I was obsessed with getting new toys, buying video games, and owning …

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Blowin’ in the Wind

Blowin’ in the Wind In 1962, Bob Dylan composed the song Blowin’ in the Wind. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine identified it as one of the greatest songs of all times (Rolling Stones, 2011). The song presents Dylan’s realization that …

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