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Our unique model is about recognizing patterns and form new behaviors to fundamentally change the way we learn. Discover how to apply industry-proven decision making techniques to everyday life. Click here to learn more.

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How to Help Students Find a Career

How to Help Students Find Their Career June 24, 2021 The Difference Between a Career and a Job In a person’s life, they might be hired for many different jobs. This is becoming even more commonplace today. A job signifies …

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How Automation Will Change Education

How Automation Will Change Education April 4, 2021   The Purpose of Automation Automation has always had one purpose—to increase quality and efficiency by reducing human functions. This has been mostly seen through new technologies like computers and robotics that …

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Leadership Spotlight: Jessup Traum

Leadership Spotlight: Jessup Traum Every year, we have the chance to meet hundreds of incredible students. Each possesses their unique strengths and qualities. In this Leadership Spotlight, we want to highlight Jessup Traum, one of our students who has been …

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