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Student Success Story: Vanessa Karuhije

Leadership Spotlight: Vanessa Karuhije For this month’s leadership spotlight, we want to recognize Vanessa Karuhije. She is 17 and a senior at Bourgade Catholic High School. Vanessa has stood out in the program for so many reasons. She is caring, …

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Student Success Story: Jessica Javalera

Jessica Javalera Spotlight: Know Yourself, Appreciate, and Work Hard By: Sarah Alsaeedi Jessica was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and is currently a Sophomore in High School. Upon first meeting her, she appears to be a shy, soft spoken, …

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How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors

How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors December 7, 2020 Leadership skills aren’t only for executives and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a teen overcoming peer pressure, a professional climbing the career ladder, or a parent trying to be the …

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