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Student Success Story: Belinda Flores-Ocampo

Student Success Story: Belinda Flores-Ocampo March 24, 2023 In this Leadership Spotlight, I have the honor of introducing Belinda Flores-Ocampo! Belinda is a 15-year-old high school freshman at NFL YET College Prep Academy. Belinda has been with the Valley Guardian …

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Student Success Story: Aldo Flores

Student Success Story: Aldo Flores March 24, 2023 This Leadership Spotlight focuses on a bright young student by the name of Aldo Flores. Aldo is the youngest of three and is currently a Freshman at Cesar Chavez high school. He …

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Resources Students Can Use to Boost Their Learning Ability

Resources Students Can Use to Boost Their Learning Ability December 9th, 2021 Education isn’t just about relaying information for students to absorb. Learning itself is a set of skills essential to lifelong development. As such, a crucial question for anyone …

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Student Success Story: Vanessa Karuhije

Leadership Spotlight: Vanessa Karuhije For this month’s leadership spotlight, we want to recognize Vanessa Karuhije. She is 17 and a senior at Bourgade Catholic High School. Vanessa has stood out in the program for so many reasons. She is caring, …

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Student Success Story: Jessica Javalera

Jessica Javalera Spotlight: Know Yourself, Appreciate, and Work Hard By: Sarah Alsaeedi Jessica was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and is currently a Sophomore in High School. Upon first meeting her, she appears to be a shy, soft spoken, …

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How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors

How to Mold Strong Leaders: 15 Lessons for Mentors December 7, 2020 Leadership skills aren’t only for executives and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a teen overcoming peer pressure, a professional climbing the career ladder, or a parent trying to be the …

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Right Place at the Right Time

Introduction My name is Mark Ryles and I am a professional that has been implementing principles of the Best Value Approach for the last 3 years. The Best Value Approach was developed from the leadership model that is utilized by …

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Educational Innovations in Finland

  Often we hear that the U.S. is behind when it comes to education amongst first-world countries. We also hear that the Nordic countries seem to have discovered the secret to outperforming the world. Depending on the list, the country …

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Why College Might Not Be for Everyone

  Some things in life are painfully overrated and college might be one of those things. Teachers and administrators tell students ,who want to be successful, go to college. They encourage students to earn a degree from one of the …

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Punishment Vs. Encouragement in U.S. Education

  For many, school serves as a system of filtration that challenges new and old ideologies of teaching structured by the lapse of time. Curriculums and teaching styles represents what people think is vital and necessary to the generation at …

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