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Who wants to be a Millennial-aire?

What’s the Deal with Millennials?  According to Google Trends, there’s a growing interest in understand generational differences. Every day, more articles are published with some variation of the same title: “This is how we’ve always done it, but how will …

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Educational Innovations in Finland

  Often we hear that the U.S. is behind when it comes to education amongst first-world countries. We also hear that the Nordic countries seem to have discovered the secret to outperforming the world. Depending on the list, the country …

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How to Help Elite Students Be Successful

  Many parents have dreams of sending their children to attend the most prestigious colleges. Places like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have become symbols of student success and intelligence. Parents pride themselves in sending their children to elite schools, thinking …

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Leadership Skills

Preparing the Professional of the Future

  What were to happen if employees across the country vanished but there were no replacements to fill the positions? The same thing that happens to lake without rain – a drought. Census data shows that we are now entering …

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