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Issues of the Chinese Education System

The education system in China is very different from the U.S. education system. China has the largest education system in the world. The most important component of the education system are the exams. At every level of a child’s education …

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The Secret to Solving Personal Problems

  One of the greatest mysteries that continues to perplex the education system is why so many students are still depressed, stressed and failing to learn critical life skills that help them solve their personal problems. For many years, the …

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Why College Might Not Be for Everyone

  Some things in life are painfully overrated and college might be one of those things. Teachers and administrators tell students ,who want to be successful, go to college. They encourage students to earn a degree from one of the …

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Leadership Skills

Preparing the Professional of the Future

  What were to happen if employees across the country vanished but there were no replacements to fill the positions? The same thing that happens to lake without rain – a drought. Census data shows that we are now entering …

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