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Who wants to be a Millennial-aire?

What’s the Deal with Millennials?  According to Google Trends, there’s a growing interest in understand generational differences. Every day, more articles are published with some variation of the same title: “This is how we’ve always done it, but how will …

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Organization For Your Life

How organized are you? Optimism bias a tendency to overestimate our likelihood of experiencing good events and underestimate our likelihood of experiencing bad events. For example, in a survey people were asked, how likely that one would have a fatal …

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The Cure to Procrastination

  This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. Procrastination is a word almost all students know well, the act of delaying an action. It usually increases stress, worry, and in the end makes you work harder. …

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Issues of the Chinese Education System

The education system in China is very different from the U.S. education system. China has the largest education system in the world. The most important component of the education system are the exams. At every level of a child’s education …

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The Secret to Solving Personal Problems

  One of the greatest mysteries that continues to perplex the education system is why so many students are still depressed, stressed and failing to learn critical life skills that help them solve their personal problems. For many years, the …

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Educational Innovations in Finland

  Often we hear that the U.S. is behind when it comes to education amongst first-world countries. We also hear that the Nordic countries seem to have discovered the secret to outperforming the world. Depending on the list, the country …

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The Illusion of Choice

  Someone hands you a free vanilla ice cream cone. “Yummy!” you think, as you walk away, happily snacking on the delicious treat. How to Turn a Simple Enjoyment into a Complex Confusion Let’s contrast that excitement you feel over …

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Why College Might Not Be for Everyone

  Some things in life are painfully overrated and college might be one of those things. Teachers and administrators tell students ,who want to be successful, go to college. They encourage students to earn a degree from one of the …

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How to Help Elite Students Be Successful

  Many parents have dreams of sending their children to attend the most prestigious colleges. Places like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have become symbols of student success and intelligence. Parents pride themselves in sending their children to elite schools, thinking …

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